How Man Serves God

Man created in the image of God enables Man to serve God by imitating God's ethical behavior in this world.

Many of the ideas about God revealed in the Jewish Bible were considered radical ideas by much of ancient Man. The Jewish Bible emphasizes how God created the species Man, and He is not a capricious and irrational God. He is concerned with the well-being of Man, He is concerned that Man adhere to His moral principles, and God judges the world according to His moral code. In Genesis 18:20-21, we read that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah has been “very grave”, and God will “descend” to see if those cities are acting in accordance with the outcry they are making. Such ideas about God as taught in the Book of Genesis radically conflicted with many of the ancient pagan cults whose false gods in their behaviors tended to represent the absolute worst aspects of human flaws.

Maimonides in his book Guide for the Perplexed 1:54 explained a profound principle, which is that the greatest virtue of man is for man to imitate to the extent possible God's actions.

“For the utmost virtue of man is to become like unto Him, may He be exalted, as far as he is able, which means that we should make our actions like unto his...”

Man's purpose must be to serve the Creator, and NOT serve any of the Creations. Man's purpose is certainly not to serve the totalitarian regimes and ideologies that attempt to replace worship of God with worship of dictators and tyrants.

A corollary to the concept of Man serving God is the concept that Man must not serve any objects in the Creation, whether natural or Man-made. Man does not exist to serve the all-powerful utopian "progressive" state.

For the West to survive without conquest by Islam or Marxist, it must seek purpose in embracing Biblical values. Man is not an animal. Animals cannot serve God, they can only exist the way God created them. Man has free will to serve God by imitating Him in doing good in the world as stated by the Biblical prophet Jeremiah:

“But only in this should one glory: In his earnest devotion to Me. For I the LORD act with kindness, Justice, and equity in the world; For in these I delight —declares the LORD.” (Jeremiah 9:23)

How Man Serves God