Enlightenment Dead End

2nd May 2021

"Enlightenment" Philosophy Has Reached a Dead End

The Enlightenment ideologies opposing religion and tradition, and replacing them with "reason" and science and submission to totalitarian states, has produced the modern "progressive" Left. However, Enlightenment ideology has reached a dead end in the West and the US. The false, secularized ideologies of the 18th Century French “Enlightenment” have now utterly failed the West. These false ideologies include abandonment of Biblical ethics and Biblical wisdom, along with attempts to replace Biblical wisdom with a naive belief in “reason” and the notion that human nature is inherently good.

Over and over, history has shown that man, when bereft of a belief in a God and belief in a system of Divine commandments, will not behave in an ethical and decent way.

According to the Enlightenment statists such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), the role of Man is to renounce his own rights and freedom, and instead identify with and submit to the so-called "general will". The goal is to produce the imagined utopian state where the individual is at one with the state.

The naive beliefs that human nature is inherently good and that secularized “reason” alone can produce an ethical and orderly society and a utopian state is actually borne of desperation. It serves as a pretext for secular man to avoid any submission to a transcendent Divine Authority. It also serves as a method to dishonestly divert blame for man’s misconduct and criminal behaviors onto external conditions, such as poverty or alleged “racism” or “oppression”.

The truth is that lack of belief in a Creator and lack of belief in the Creator’s law are far more important factors promoting people’s negative behavior than are external conditions such as the nature of the political regime, or perceptions of alleged “racism”, "sexism" or “oppression”.

The "Progressive" Left Has Devolved Man to an Animal

The nihilist, “progressive” Left promotes various types of false atheist religions that have proven very destructive to civilization.

The Left in effect has established a new type of atheist Medieval religion complete with Inquisitions, indexes of forbidden thoughts, and banning and excommunications of heretics who oppose the Left’s perverse agendas.

Both the Left and Islam are allied together (for different reasons) against the Biblical principle of Man in the Image of God. However, atheist “progressivism” is NOT scientific and promotes many irrational beliefs. In general Biblical beliefs are much more rational.

The Left has morphed the US into an aimless, nihilistic society that has abandoned its roots in Biblical values and the US Constitution.

The Left has replaced Biblical religion with bogus false religions of materialism, scientism, Darwinism, and Multiverse unproven speculations.

The Left has devolved man into a two legged animal. Communism and the Left have redefined man’s purpose to serve the state. Abandonment of Biblical principles and submission to communism, atheism, materialism & the Left thus devolve man into an animal.

Darwinism, “progressivism”, materialism, atheism, and communism remove any real purpose or meaning to the Universe, thus removing any purpose or meaning to man’s existence.

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Enlightenment Dead End