False Religion of the Jewish Left

Understanding the thinking of American Jewish Democrats and “progressives” is really NOT so difficult. Jewish Democrats have exchanged belief in Judaism for a fervent religious belief in a non-Jewish “progressive” leftist religion that opposes the survival of Israel and the survival of the Jewish nation.

As long as a Jew remains a liberal/progressive, there can never really be an anti-Israel or anti-Semitic wake-up call for him that originates from other progressives. The very existence of a Jewish state is a severe affront to progressives. So the liberal/progressive Jew must either bravely accept their own nation's suicide or else commit spiritual/intellectual suicide by betraying their cherished liberal/progressive religion.

Liberalism/progressivism is a replacement religion in the West for both Judaism and Christianity. One might surmise that a liberal American Christian is not so different than the liberal American Jew in this regard. Such a liberal Christian would rather see the demise of America due to progressive policies rather than betray his liberal religion.

The Democrat-Progressive agenda has proven to be a spiritual and financial suicide march for American Jews, especially for the Jewish middle class. The Democrat “diversity” machine destroys the merit system and replaces middle class American citizens with third world affirmative action candidates. Government programs from A to Z are specifically tailored to "minorities", many of them illegal aliens, instead of legal American citizens of European or Jewish descent. Meanwhile, the liberal Jewish establishment fights vigorously against any programs which could insure the survival of the Jewish middle class, such as school vouchers.

Jewish neighborhoods are being destroyed by an invasion of third world aliens (the Democrat voter base) who are causing massive crime waves and bankrupting the American middle class to pay for their education and social programs. Jewish education is a matter of survival for Jews, not education of illegal alien children. The US Supreme Court has declared school voucher programs to be constitutional. Many middle class Jews in particular in the big liberal states are being crushed by the tax burden while almost all government aid to non-public schools is denied, and instead is being directed to public schools full of illegal aliens.

When will liberal Jews and the Jewish Establishment place a higher priority on Jewish survival than their "progressive" agenda?

False Religion of the Jewish Left