Islam-A Barbaric Civilization

Islam has created a cruel and barbaric, dysfunctional, failed civilization. Without their oil they would have no power or influence in the world. But all their failures are blamed on the Jews and other infidels. Islam never holds itself accountable for its horrendous failures and oppression of its people.

Leftists who continually and mindlessly babble charges of racism against critics of Islam live in an imaginary alternate reality. They are in complete denial of the genocidal racism of Islam and its followers, including the Islamic operatives in the US government.

“There are Jews everywhere,” Hammad shouted. “We must attack every Jew on planet Earth! We must slaughter and kill them, with Allah’s help,” he said, appealing to the “seven million Palestinians abroad.”

Hamas Official Calls for Slaughter of Jews

Jihadist barbarians such as Omar and Tlaib constantly feed the Western media Islamic taqiyya (deception) using politically correct slogans such as real justice, lasting peace etc. These fake slogans serve to disguise the genocidal jihadist campaigns against the infidels.

The Rambam apparently wrote that in the Book of Daniel the small, evil talking horn of the Fourth Beast that attempts to destroy the Torah is the bloodthirsty false prophet of Islam Y”S. That beast and its evil horn will attack the Jews but it will be utterly destroyed in the end.

“The Muslims, when they couldn't find a single usable proof in the Torah, even by hint, were forced to say that we revised and edited the Torah...The Torah speaks of a prophet 'from among you, from among your brothers' (NOT from among the Arabs), (Devarim 18:15)...Dear brothers, because of our sins, Hashem has cast us among this nation, the Arabs, who are treating us badly...Never has there been a nation that hated, humiliated, and loathed us as much as this one...We suffered unbearable oppression and had to endure their lies and defamations.”

(Rambam, Iggeret Teiman, 12th Century C.E.)

Islam-A Barbaric Civilization