Classical Torah Vs. Chabad: The Natural Order

Certain Chabad rabbis seem to aggressively but erroneously critique non-Chassidic Torah philosophies and then proclaim the superiority of Chabad Chassidus. The end goal here seems to be to invalidate and replace non-Chassidic Torah philosophies with Chabad Chassidus, ie "Replacement Theology".

In this posting, I am making some basic comparisons of Chabad doctrine with non-Chassidic Torah sages. The purpose is not to denigrate Chabad, but to demonstrate how certain Chabad doctrines can conflict with classical Torah wisdom. Newcomers to Orthodox Judaism need to become more aware of these conflicts.

1. Chabad Sources-Live Supernaturally:

A. "And this, my friends, is what defines a Chassid as opposed to a non-Chassid. A non-Chassid, albeit a properly observant and pious Jew, conforms to normalcy and nature more readily than a Chassid, who prefers to go the supernatural route."

B. In a video by popular Chabad Rabbi Manis Friedman, he claims:

"Chassidus takes us out of the limitations of teva (nature) and makes possible things that are not in teva. . ." - around 10:00 minutes.

C. On the Chabad website, it advises us to "live supernaturally".

2. Classical Torah Sages-DON'T Live Supernaturally:

A. Sforno’s commentary on Vayikrah 13:47:

"...the majority of the Israelite nation save an elite few, without a doubt are under the control of nature and the heavenly forces...similar to other living creatures who are not subject to God's providence individually, but only in terms of their species..."

B. Talmud, Shabbat 32a:

"Rabbi Yannai acted in accordance with his reasoning stated elsewhere, as he said: A person should never stand in a place of danger saying that they on High will perform a miracle for him, lest in the end they do not perform a miracle for him. And, moreover, even if they do perform a miracle for him, they will deduct it from his merits."

C. Shabbat 32a is re-stated as halacha in Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Rotzeach 12:6; and Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 115:5

D. Maharal on the Pesach Haggada, at the word Hallelukah:

"Hashem wants the natural order to remain functional...he thus allows idol-worshippers to naturally prosper in their idol worship, and even a righteous saint might be impoverished and afflicted, if nature so imposes."

Also - Rav David Bar-Hayim has posted an informative video on Youtube - "The Replacement Theology & False Messianism of Chabad".

Classical Torah Vs. Chabad: The Natural Order