Multiverse-An Atheist Religion


Starting almost one hundred years ago, the atheist pseudo scientists were extremely dismayed by the overwhelming scientific evidence that this Universe is both extremely fine-tuned to allow life and that it also had a beginning in space and time.

The powerful scientific evidence that the Universe had a beginning, with its implications of a supernatural Creator, has caused great anguish to many atheists. The atheists are desperately inventing fanciful and non-scientific eternal "Multiverse" theories in a vain attempt to resurrect Aristotle's eternal Universe/Multiverse theories.

Multiverse theories are really more akin to a non-scientific, non-rational faith based atheist religion, as there is simply no scientific possibility of detecting and proving the existence of the postulated additional Universes. To suppress any belief in the possibility of an intelligent Creator, these atheists invented a fanciful multiverse religion claiming the existence of zillions of completely undetectable and unreachable alternate Universes. By postulating the existence of these undetectable Universes, the atheists can then explain the existence of our Universe as being resulting from chance, undirected, natural causes.

None of these alternate Universes have ever been detected to my knowledge, nor do I believe they ever will be detected, as that would likely violate the laws of physics.

The so-called “scientific method” involves careful observation of natural phenomenon, then formulating hypotheses, by a process of induction, that are a proposed explanation of the phenomenon. Can speculation about Multiverses really be consistent with the scientific method? When has any “Multiverse” ever been observed? Is observation of a “Multiverse” even possible?

Eternal Multiverse Removes God and Prophecy

An eternal universe (or multiverse) imposes a scientific determinism on the Universe and removes the possibility of God’s involvement in the Universe. The Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim II:25 explains that belief in Aristotle's eternal universe, (IE a universe that exists of necessity, and where nature never changes), refutes the Law in its principle and denies every miracle. The Rambam is saying that Aristotle's eternal universe is a universe governed by "scientific determinism", and no Torah, miracles, or hashgacha pratis (Divine providence) is possible in such a Universe.

Clearly the goal of the Evolutionists and their fellow travelers (IE the atheist believers in an eternal Multiverse), is to define universe(s) resembling Aristo's universe, IE universe(s) governed solely by scientific determinism with no Torah, revelation or miracles possible.

Multiverse-An Atheist Religion